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Less Than The Least Ministries. All Rights Reserved.

1414 S. Friendswood Dr.

Friendswood, TX


David Gunter, Sr.:  281.224.3131

Director, LTTL

Prayer [Acts 6:4]

  1. Pray for the Souls of Men and Women in Prison.
  2. Pray for the Ministry as a Whole.
  3. Pray for Volunteers.
  4. Pray for L.T.T.L.,s Leadership.
  5. Pray for God's Provision, Power, and Guidance.

- Service [James 1:22-25]

  1. Going inside the Walls/Ministering to Inmates.
  2. Teaching, Preaching, Bible Studies.
  3. Musicians / Praise Leaders.
  4. Sending Study Bibles.
  5. P.A.L.,s [Pens and Letters] Respond to inmates prayer request.

Giving [2Corinthians 9:7]

  1. Money, to help finance the ministry.
  2. Time, as a volunteer of LTTL Ministries.
  3. Donate= Stamps, Study Bibles, Gas Cards, Instruments, Sound Equipment, Ect.
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