About Us

...I was in prison and you came to me. Mat 25:36b

Less Than The Least (LTTL) Ministries is a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization with a heart for ministry to the incarcerated.  LTTL ministries are focused on prison units around Houston, Beaumont, and Huntsville.  Our ministry office is located in Friendswood, Texas and our approximately 90 volunteers represent 23 different churches in the Houston area.  LTTL is able to carry out its mission mandate (Mat 25:35-40) because of faithful volunteers and financial supporters.


Mission Statement

Reach the incarcerated with the gospel of Jesus Christ, encourage their spiritual growth and ministry inside-the-walls, and facilitate their ministry on the outside as LTTL volunteers.

Mission Strategy

Build a continually growing team of called and trained volunteers who bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the incarcerated through the following ministry segments:

  • Personal contact inside-the-walls – Worship services, classes (bible studies, bible-based classes), and one-on-one interactions.
  • Correspondence – Follow-up to inmate prayer requests with Prayer and Letters (PALs).
  • Printed materials – Study bibles mailed to inmates upon request.  Tagged-by-God magazine published and distributed to inmates.
  • Radio – “Sound of Freedom” program with Dr John Morgan, pastor of Sagemont Church, sponsored on FM stations that reach into prisons units.
  • Prison chapel renovation – Partnership with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) Chaplaincy Department on prison chapel renovations which provide an enduring testimony of God’s love to inmates and a constant reminder that Christians outside-the-walls do care.

Facilitate the ministry of ex-inmates who have a calling and desire to reach out to at-risk youth, particularly in areas of gangs and addiction, through our M.E.G.A. youth ministry.

Mission Goals

  • See inmates set free from the bondage of sin through faith in Jesus Christ and set on a course of Christian growth and service.
  • See ex-inmates become LTTL volunteers.
  • See the prison recidivism rate continue to decline across the state of Texas.
  • See at-risk youth come to know Christ and make good decisions.


Executive Director – David Gunter, Sr.

Board of Directors

  • Bob Crites, Chairman
  • Mac Archer
  • Lloyd Digby
  • Bill Fry
  • David Gunter
  • David Miller
  • David Weeks
  • Lois Jowers Weeks
  • Mike Watson


Less Than The Least Ministries (LTTL) was founded in 2001 by John “Zeke” Young and organized in 2002 as a 501c3 nonprofit.  With support from local churches and volunteers, the ministry soon expanded from worship services and one-on-one ministry to include bible-based classes, Prayers and Letters (PALs), radio, Tagged-by-God magazine, prison chapel renovations, and ministry to at-risk youth.  Zeke Young, who received the 2011 TDCJ Carol Vance Governor’s Award for Volunteer of the Year, directed the ministry until December 2011.  David Gunter, Sr., a ministry volunteer and Chairman of the Board of Directors at that time, succeeded Zeke as Executive Director.

Under David’s leadership LTTL has expanded its ministry presence inside-the-walls with increasing numbers of worship services, bible-based classes, and Prayer and Letters (PALs).  LTTL is now partnering with TDCJ chaplains to conduct 3-day crusades at different prison units on a regular basis.  In order to accommodate this expansion as new doors have opened for ministry, LTTL’s volunteer base has also expanded.  Recruitment efforts have resulted in new volunteers sensing the call to be involved in ministry to the incarcerated.  And, the latest chapel renovation at the Stringfellow Unit was nearing completion at the end of 2013.  Over the years LTTL has raised funds and assisted TDCJ with improvements to seven different prison chapels.

We look to the future with expectation for God’s continued blessings on this ministry to the incarcerated as we seek to follow and give glory to Him.

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